Due to the difficult situation that we have experienced these last months because of
the Covid-19 crisis, the whole WOUF team has put all its efforts to create a reusable
hygienic mask.

WOUF has spent two months developing different prototypes, using different
patterns, fabric compositions and following all the technical aspects described by the
European regulations UNE 0065:2020 and AFNOR S76-001. The objective: to offer a
product that meets the quality standards as we always do since the start of the 
brand, ensuring all the technical and safety requirements for their employees.

The masks have been designed under the requirements of the mentioned
regulations, using high quality local materials combine with the technical
characteristics to make it safe and durable.

The mask can be used with or without a filter and two filters come with each mask.
For a better efficiency it is highly recommended to use the mask with filter as it is a
filter approved by the UNE- EN 14683:2019 + AC: 2019 standard, with 99%
resistance against particles.

The mask and the filters are 100% Made in Spain.