Leather Bag - Ona Rock

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De Ona Rock is één van Becksöndergaard's musthaves. Deze lederen tas is ruim en heeft plek voor alles wat je onderweg nodig hebt. De schouderband is verstelbaar, maar kan je ook los maken. 


🇬🇧 Ona Rock is one of the Becksöndergaard's musthaves. The bag is spacious with practical rooms for everything you need. Furthermore it has an adjustable and detachable strap with a wide handle strap detail to lighten pressure on your shoulder. The bag is made of lamb leather in a quality called bubble lamb because of the bubbly and beautiful surface. The structure is a natural feature in the leather and can vary from bag to bag, which makes every bag unique.

Size: 26 x 33 cm | 100% Lamb Leather | Becksöndergaard Lederen Tas | Becksöndergaard Europe | Becksöndergaard België | Becksöndergaard Nederland

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