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OOOOOOOOH!!! We zijn zo obsessed door alle sparkley glitters in deze ban.do pink stardust phone case. Je hoort onze OOHS en AAHS van verre! Deze speciale, hand-picked mix van DRIJVENDE glitters drijven in dit hoesje. Nogmaals: IT FLOATS! Als een soort oceaan van glitterende magie in je iPhone case!


🇬🇧 ban.do was so obsessed with their gold glitter bomb case that we gave it a bomb upgrade! A translucent pink case! A special blend of glitter in our favorite shades of pink! floating glitter that will mesmerize anyone that looks at it! oh wait, that's not new, but we obviously weren't gonna chance that!

Hard Plastic Clear Case Filled with Floating Glitter | Glitter is a Special Blend of Opalescent and Metallic Stars, Hearts, and Various Shapes | Fits iPhone 6 | ban.do iPhone Case Pink Stardust | ban.do iPhone Hoesje | ban.do Europe | ban.do België | ban.do Nederland

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